J Behan Consulting, LLC

Helping you and your team build a thriving work culture!

Your Team, Your Vision, Your Goals.

We just help you get there!


At J Behan Consulting we take pride in working with your leadership and teams to help  create a thriving work culture where leaders are equipped with the skills to motivate and lead their teams successfully and team members have the confidence and knowledge to work dynamically together and excel in their work.
We listen to our clients in order to help them meet their needs and deliver results that will enable them to reach their goals. 
We truly believe that this is Your Team, Your Vision, and Your Goals.
As your trusted consultant, we just help you get there!

Leadership Development

Great leaders are developed with hard work, dedication to growth, and a passion to serve. We teach skills that are effective and timeless to help your leaders and managers lead with influence.

Team Dynamics

Building and Sustaining a great team culture is key to your success as a company, but working with a variety of personalities can make work challenging! We provide customized training to meet the unique needs of your team so you can have your dream team!

Executive Coaching

There are times we need someone to help us move forward in work. Let us be your trusted advisor. We will work alongside you to help you grow, thrive, and succeed!