About Us


We are a business consulting firm that trains leaders and their teams how to facilitate a Positive Workplace Culture that develops successful leaders, encourages employee engagement, inspires remarkable teamwork, and strengthens effective communication. Leaders who understand how to positively encourage, inspire, respect, and engage their staff and clients will create profitable, sustainable, high performing teams. 

If you are looking for a trusted advisor and trainer to understand your needs and deliver a simple but highly effective training for your leaders and teams, we can help!

Our Core Values

Jennifer is a native Houstonian who has over 30 years of consulting with individuals, training groups, assessing situations, problem solving and moving people to success based on their unique situations and lifestyles. She is a Level 2 Certified Human Behavior Consultant utilizing the DISC model of human behavior as well as a certified executive coach.

She started J Behan Consulting in 2016 and has been helping leaders and their staff excel in their workspace through awareness, understanding, and applying practical ways to work better together and create a positive work culture. Jennifer is a co-author of Discover Your Team’s Potential: Proven Principles to Help Engage Your Team and Improve Performance.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"This training has increased my confidence in communicating and working with people who have a different personality than mine, and I learned new skills that will help me to interview others. Jennifer is thorough and patient and presents in a way that is understandable and useful."
JD McGraw, CEO IronClad Encryption
"I recently had the opportunity to take a workshop regarding personalities and how we can work better together. I found the information invaluable where as we have a conflict because of strong personalities. Some of the personality traits are more amenable to compromise and by implementing what I learned in this workshop it has gone on to help us do a better job as managers and in turn a better job for our staff and in turn our clients. Thanks Jennifer for such an engaging program and for making the time well worth going!"
Beth Guide, Principal of Vertical Web
"This training will allow me to better know my team, how they think, what motivates them, and how to assist us all in working better together. Jennifer is energetic, entertaining, and makes training fun."
Brenda Hooker, CEO Community Service Credit Union
Jennifer is a natural at leadership training, and has a keen understanding of the DISC model. She guided our group through the concepts in a very efficient and organized manner including an interactive group problem solving discussion. Jennifer showed us how easy it was to make quick improvements in our professional and personal success."
Cynthia Drerup, Operational Sustainability, LLC
"The information Jennifer taught was so valuable in knowing how to get the most out of a team and benefit from everyone's strengths while anticipating and avoiding potential challenges. I learned so much about myself and how to be an effective leader. I had Jennifer speak to other groups I am involved in and many of them said it was the best and most helpful training they have had. We all left Jennifer's sessions better equipped to lead and communicate!"
Suzanne Farrow, Development Advisor Ronald McDonald House
"Communication is the key to success and being able to communicate effectively to your team is paramount. This training taught me how to identify other personalities in order to be able to communicate in a way that will benefit both parties. Jennifer is energetic and entertaining while also being professional and direct."
Quality Assurance Specialist, Community Service Credit Union