J Behan Consulting is a company which focuses on people solutions for all areas of life- work, family, teams, groups, and any other situation where you are involved with people. We help people develop a greater understanding of themselves in order to better understand others. This in turn helps to minimize conflict, reduce stress, raise morale, and maximize team performance. Please contact us to discuss how we can make your organization more effective by working better together.

Jennifer Behan is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant utilizing the DISC model of human behavior. She received her certification through Personality Insights, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Her experience in training people began as a registered dietitian where she counseled patients, led classes, and lectured to various groups around the city. After her children were born, she became certified as a human behavior consultant, drawing on her expertise as an educator to teach people about themselves and others. She began J Behan Consulting with the desire to help people work better together through understanding and information that is simple, yet profound. 

Jennifer is a recently published co-author of the best-selling book Discover Your Teams Potential: Proven Principles to Help Engage Your Team and Improve Performance.