Building Better Families

Do you ever feel like you and your family members are from different planets? How is it that we struggle with the people we love the most? This may not always be the case, but if you would like to understand how to better communicate with and understand the ones you live with, we can help! We come in and assess each member of the family, teaching them about their own strengths and blind spots. Then we will teach your family how to use the material to help understand each other, why each person does the things they do, how to better react in situations depending on the personality the member you are interacting with has, and how to appreciate what each family member brings to the group. To learn more about our assessments and what information is provided, please visit our DISCovery reports page.

What we Do:

  • Assess each family member including a written report

  • One on One discussion with each family member

  • Work with the family as a whole

  • Teach about each person’s communication style

  • Help work out the kinks through insight and application.