BOTS Reports are for children AGES 4-12, although some children closer to 12 can do the teen version.

What Makes the BOTS unique?

•   ONLINE assessment using fun pictures and stories with characters called BOTs because they look like robots.

•   Relationship feedback- an online tool useful for parents and teachers working with the child. Provides strategies on how the child and parent can work together more effectively addressing how to deal with struggles and leverage their strengths.

•   24 Questions

•   2 Options for purchase- Extended (48 pages) or Concise (8 pages)- both are customized to the child.

•   Extended option includes a section for the child, parent, and teacher.

•   Results can be printed as many times as you need.

The BOTS assessment is an incredibly innovative personality test/assessment and profile available on the market for children. We use fun stories and pictures  using characters called “BOTs” because they look like robots.

This is one of the scenes from the BOTs assessment. There is a story to be read and your child will be asked to choose which BOT he/she feels most represents them.