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Earn a College Degree that Will Launch a Successful Career based on Your Individual Strengths!

Every child is amazing with loads of potential. As parents, many of us encourage our children to pursue a college degree that leads to a career based on their interest. While interest is important, we have developed a way to focus your child’s interest and match it to their personal strengths. Though understanding your child’s personality we build a list of career choices that best work with their behavior styles. 

Career Fit takes into account your Unique Personality Style utilizing the DISC model of human behavior. We help your child explore careers based ontheir unique style and interest, all while exploring and ruling out careers that may not fit the strong suits of one’s individual style. Your child’s education and career path is a worthwhile investment that deserves a path to success. Our focus is to help your child make a more informed decision on their career by reviewing the daily demands of any one particular career and how that fits with their unique personality style.

Benefits For Your Child

We help your child to understand their strengths and blind spots so that they may better navigate life in order to find sucess and become more confident. By understanding their personality style, we help them create options to choose a path that draws on their strengths and not their weaknesses.

Our Career Tool exposes patterns and brings light to particular careers based on their personality style.

The DISCovery report will help your child to gain a better understanding of who they are and how to best communicate in their personal and professional relationships. We not only teach them about themselves, but also about how to successfully communicate with others.

Whom Do We Help?

  • High School students trying to figure out what areas of study they want to pursue in college.

  • Junior High students who want a head start in making the most of their educational future.

  • Young adults who want help eliminating indecisions brought about by the thousands of career choices by understanding the choices that fit their strengths.

  • College students whether they are trying to choose a major or about to enter the workforce. Understanding the daily routines and environments that help motivate them will help them make a better decision for their future.

  • Each student, regardless of age, will learn who they are, how to effectively communicate, and how to drive success based on what motivates them and others.

What we offer:

50 page detailed analysis of your unique personality style.

Our Career Tool- includes over 200 careers listed based on personality styles including web links to detail information on each career.

3 hours of one-on-one coaching and assessment held over 2-3 sessions. During this time your child will truly gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what careers will best draw upon their personality strengths.

Book: You’ve Got Style by Dr. Robert Rohm

Coach: Jennifer Behan, Advanced DISC Human Behavior Consultant

Cost: $500