Have you ever wondered why you (or your loved ones) do the things you do? Why do you seem to get along with some people but have a harder time with others?

A lack of understanding ourselves and why people do things differently from you can lead to conflict, tension, disappointment, unmet expectations, and poor communication. Working with people to build better and stronger relationships demands that we learn to communicate ideas effectively- in a way that moves people to action.

The DISCovery Report will help give you the tools to better understand yourself as well as the people around you. Each person has a unique way of communicating, a unique “language” that is their preferred way of expressing themselves and the DISCovery report teaches you how to better communicate and understand others.

The DISCovery Reports can help you identify:

  • Your Communication Style

  • The Communication Style of Others

  • The best way to adapt to others to communicate effectively

  • Discover your strengths as well as other’s strengths

  • Identify areas of motivation

  • Reveal potential “blind spots” in ourselves


Adult DISCovery Reports

Teen DISCovery Reports

Child DISCovery Reports

•   Personalized, solution oriented, positive assessment emphasizing strengths, environment needs, motivational keys, and much more!

•   24 Questions

•   Online Relationship Feedback tool: helpful to explore interaction dynamics between 2 people.

•   4 Options: Extended (50 pages), Standard (30 pages), Concise (6 pages), Leadership (60 pages)

  • Personalized assessment emphasizing strengths, how to be your best, key motivational preferences and more!

  • 24 Questions

  • Online Career Interest Assessment tool: helpful in finding options that best fit your personality style.

  • Online Relationship Feedback tool: helpful to explore interaction dynamics between 2 people.

  • 2 Options: Extended (58 pages) and Concise (9 pages)

  • Extended option includes 4 sections: Teen, Parent, Vocational, and Teacher

  • Child “BOTS” Reports are for children AGES 4-12, although some children closer to 12 can do the teen version.

  • ONLINE personalized assessment using fun pictures and stories with characters called BOTs because they look like robots.

  • Relationship feedback- an online tool useful for parents and teachers working with the child. Provides strategies on how the child and parent can work together more effectively addressing how to deal with struggles and leverage their strengths.

  • 24 Questions

  • 2 Options for purchase- Extended (48 pages) or Concise (8 pages)

  • Extended option includes a section for the child, parent, and teacher. 

Sample Reports