Looking for a Speaker?

We speak on several topics:

  • People Puzzle: How to understand the communication styles of yourself and others. This is a 1 hour presentation discussing what people do and what motivates their behavior. The audience will walk away with a basic understanding of how they communicate and how others communicate differently. Knowledge without proper application is not helpful. The People Puzzle is a fun and powerful presentation that not only gives great insight into peoples behavior, but also how to apply the knowledge in order to immediately make better connections.

  •  Conflict Resolution: Misunderstanding leads to conflicts. Understanding each other and why things went wrong in the communication process can help decrease future conflict. This talk builds upon the basics of the People Puzzle and dives deeper into what each person is looking for in the communication process. Conflict is going to happen. Conflict resolution can be easier if we understand what went wrong. “If I understand you, and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we can work more effectively together?”- Dr. Robert A. Rohm

  • Leadership- Brief and to the Point: This talk goes over 5 keys to great leadership and then dives into how different people approach those 5 keys. Everyone is a leader, whether they are in a “leadership position” or not.  Understanding how each of us leads helps us be better leaders and followers.